Saturday, November 8, 2008

Remember your small stores

It has been a very exciting week for America. I want to remind everyone to remember the small businesses that we can patronize. The small fabric/quilt , yarn, bead and craft stores. Some are barely hanging on. I have gone into my big box stores to take advantage of the sales on some of my basic items, but I made an effort to hit a few small bead and quilt shops on my way to Port Townsend for AFF. Just a little bit helps is the way I look at it. I know we will make it through this tough time. I got discouraged in Sept and Oct because I have had to go back to work 5 days a week and wont' be able to work in my studio like I wanted, I decided to just plug along with my projects and not give up HOPE that things will turn around. I feel much better now and believe in that HOPE. I finished my best quilt to date and it will be hanging in Fibers in Motion for a while, I heard back from Somerset Studios and my piece will be published in the next HOME issue and my sock Creature Class is filling up for November. My husband and I are staying positive about the economy and the new year. Just wanted to say my 2 cents worth...will keep to my art in up coming posts.

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