Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another new Top to show off

So I thought I got this top out of my head but I didn't. I was playing with some scraps of vintage fabrics and a new book called "Fabrication" I liked some of her ideas for decorating garments or pillows and adapted this for my top. I cut circles of three different sizes and fabrics then sewed them on with a shell button. I washed the linen top to have the edges fray but it wasn't what I wanted, the fabric flowers stuck out. so I stitched them down with free motion quilting and ran that stitching to the next flower all the way around the bottom. This I liked. I just can't stop making these tops. I have another one on the drawing board!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Menucha Spring 2010

The weekend before I left for Hong Kong I went to Menucha with my PAC sisters. It was another fun, inspirational, wild laughter of a time! These gals are the best. We started friday afternoon and didn't stop till sunday afternoon. I had to leave a bit early to get ready for my trip but these gals create with a passion. My table mate Debbie has some wonderful samples of work she did in a Traci Bautista class she took. I was so inspired I worked on a few pieces myself. I embroidered on an old Jean skirt I have been working on, we ate, laughed, told stories and just had a wonderful weekend despite the rain.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Inspiration Day in Hood River

Yesterday, my quilting buddies, Sue and Gail, and I drove out to Hood River to go to the Columbia Center for the Arts. It is hosting a wonderful show featuring some local Fiber Artists. Fiber Arts Now is the show and is up till May 2. Wonderful show. As we looked over the show Hilde Morin, one of the artists was there taking a class from Trisha Hassler, another fabulous fiber artist in the show. I was so glad to meet Tirsha and hope to take one of her classes myself. Her juxtaposition of fabric and metal are incredible. The felt work in the show was wonderful as well, Laura Berman and Pat Sparks.
it was a fun day walking around Hood River. Yarn shopping, Bead shopping and quilt shopping all in town as well as other fun home stores. We were all inspired. I came home, popped in Julie/Julia and worked on my purse panels. I like the way it is coming out.
Today I am cleaning the studio and getting ready to long arm an old quilt I just want to get done. I don't want to give up on it. I have a class and fabric invested into it and think it will look good on our bed after we paint our bedroom light creamy yellow. I will work on the border this week. One down three to go on the long arm quilting.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New tops for Spring

Well I have been busy with my new job but still finding a little time to work in the studio. I have made two new tops from an old pattern I re-fit. It is from almost 15 years ago when I was working in San Francisco. As I was cleaning out a few boxes of old clothes I found a great black with white polka dot top I made from the pattern when my daughter was born. This little black top looks great( I think) with my cuff jeans and Keen Mary Jane’s. It was just a little tight in the sleeve hem…easy fix with a small gusset. It was such a great piece of fabric it still holds up today. I realized with this project of “sewing my way through the studio” is that I still like the look of some of my old patterns, I just need to update the fit. I need to be fashionable for work but still comfortable. So I dug out some old rayon yardage I had from 8 years ago. The pieces again both hold up to the today’s fashions and my desire to look like an artist without looking like a short fat middle aged woman trying to look hip!. One in a taupe brown with black writing. Words like Create, Inspire, Play, Learn…..I still really liked it so I put together a top with black velvet piping around the neck and black velvet covered buttons. All stuff from my stash. I also added a small gusset in the under arm and that fixed the tight sleeve…Well I am loving it. So I made another one. This one in a purplish/blue batik. I had two fabric pieces that match in colorway. I put a collar on this one…I decided I like the collar better than collar- less version. I found some vintage buttons in my stash that go pretty well. I just bought thread so the topstitching looked good. I love the cool feeling of the soft rayon and the comfortable fit. I think I will call the pattern “Lovin’ it top”. I kind of like the look of a doll, with the mary jane straps, short cuff pants and big gathered top. Just need a flower in my hair! I think I can pull it off. My look is the same but more creative then 30 years ago. I think it can still work for me.
Next I am going to make some Linen Stripe pants and tops to match. I need to work on my vest patterns to dress up some of my outfits. Belted at the waist, palazzo pants out of rayon or linen….stay tuned.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quilters In Motion Flag

My Quilt group, Quilters in Motion, participated in a flag exchange this month. We had 12 are photos of 9 that were done last Thursday. I really hope to get the rest soon as I want to hang my banner soon!.

Spa Willamina

My dear friend Karen took me to a girls spa night. She took me to a lovely place in NE Portland called Spa Willamina. It is in a cute little house that is warm and comfortable. Check out their monthly specials. We each had a Honey Chocolate Facial and a Cocoa-Butter Massage. It was a very relaxing evening. Check them out.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Studio Re-org for the new year

I watched Julie/Julia right after the first of the year and I loved it. While away on a business trip I got to thinking about all the fabric and patterns I have been collecting over the years and how I need new clothes so bad! I thought why not sew my way through the studio! So I came home and tore up my fabric was a hassle but good because I found a bunch of stuff I don't want anymore and can get rid maybe etsy. Anyway my daughter came down and said "What the Heck?!?!!?" So she grabbed my camera and took some pictures of me. She thought she would come down and see me buried under rubbermaid boxes I had them stacked so high! So heres my deal. I took out all the nice fabric I still like and stacked it up so I can get to it. I will only use fabric and patterns I already have. I will do a fitting on my dress form if need be. I want to perfect a few patterns like vest, pant and skirt. I want to try some embellishing as well so not just plain stuff...put some "ART" into them. I am off to a good start working on a pattern for a jacket out of green corduroy. I will post once I get done. I will also have a quilt going on the wall so I get the best of both worlds. I have a new full time job starting this week so I will have to fit it into the schedule but know it will be a good thing for me to relax and do at the end of the day. I have such great tools and so this will give me the challenge to use them. So here's to it...I will check in about it again soon.