Sunday, January 31, 2010

Studio Re-org for the new year

I watched Julie/Julia right after the first of the year and I loved it. While away on a business trip I got to thinking about all the fabric and patterns I have been collecting over the years and how I need new clothes so bad! I thought why not sew my way through the studio! So I came home and tore up my fabric was a hassle but good because I found a bunch of stuff I don't want anymore and can get rid maybe etsy. Anyway my daughter came down and said "What the Heck?!?!!?" So she grabbed my camera and took some pictures of me. She thought she would come down and see me buried under rubbermaid boxes I had them stacked so high! So heres my deal. I took out all the nice fabric I still like and stacked it up so I can get to it. I will only use fabric and patterns I already have. I will do a fitting on my dress form if need be. I want to perfect a few patterns like vest, pant and skirt. I want to try some embellishing as well so not just plain stuff...put some "ART" into them. I am off to a good start working on a pattern for a jacket out of green corduroy. I will post once I get done. I will also have a quilt going on the wall so I get the best of both worlds. I have a new full time job starting this week so I will have to fit it into the schedule but know it will be a good thing for me to relax and do at the end of the day. I have such great tools and so this will give me the challenge to use them. So here's to it...I will check in about it again soon.

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