Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011

Today is Saturday December 31, 2011. I am not much for New Years Celebrations, we usually have a nice dinner, watch a movie and head to bed. This year our daughter is a teenager and we want to make sure she is safe and sound so we offered our house as a place she and a couple close friends can come and hang out to play games and watch movies. My husband and I will hide out in my basement studio and watch movies on my computer. Sounds boring I know but it is worth it to know my 16 year old is safe.
This was a good year..Year of the rabbit. It was pretty mellow considering how awful 2010 was for me...Year of the Tiger. This next year is year of the Dragon. I hope it is another good prosperous year for us.
I will literally begin the new year traveling the world. I leave on jan 2 for India. I will be there on business to visit factories making our clothing. It will be a quick trip, traveling with my boss and his boss. I am sure I will not get any shopping in, but it will be my first time in this part of the world. I will take pictures of what I can to share. Once I am in Hong Kong I will write more. I will travel to Tokyo as stay tuned. My goal is to blog my way along this trip. I don't make New Years resolutions...but goals. and my goal is to blog about this trip to share with my family and friends who care to read about it.
Goals for 2012:
Continue to sew my way through the studio.
Be able to make a smaller dress size and shop the Athleta and Title 9 Catalogs!
Have more Art play days in the studio.
Be more patient at home.
See my sisters and old friends I have not seen in a long time.
Completely finish my quilts. machine Quilting and all.
Participate in the PAC show December 2012 with a bunch of new stuff.
Get out and take more pictures with the digital SLR.
Think of a happy thought everyday to keep me going.
Don't let my daily job get me down and dry me up. Do the best I can but not let it consume me.
Make a piece of jewelry for every new outfit I make.

Ok that is good to start with. I will be adding more on my trip notes. So until Hong Kong and Japan!.

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