Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little Blueberry Pies


I made some cute little blueberry pies last weekend. I have this wonderful 4" x 4 pie pan from Chicago Metallic. I love the size. We can either split one or eat a whole one! Found a cute little book too, "The Magic of Mini Pies". I love the recipes as it is for a small pie maker machine or something like this 4" pie pan. I like her dough recipes. Very easy. I will work on perfecting the dough so it is flaky. Want to make some savory pies ...little Chicken Pot Pies! I had to make some cinnamon walnut spirals with the left over dough...yummy! I used to make these as a kid. Another cute pie book is "Handheld Pies" some fun stuff in there as well.

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