Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quilt Market, Portland OR May 2013

My beautiful niece Allison, has an etsy shop selling fabric and handmade goods. Madicakesboutique She asked if I knew anything about the Quilt Market coming in May and should she go.....Is the Pope Catholic!  Yes you should and I should go also to be your consultant!  We have had this weekend planned for months and were so excited when it finally came.  I have been fortunate to have gone the last time it was in town so I knew what to expect...the size, being overwhelmed, loving every second.
Allison drove down from Bellingham WA on friday morning.  We hit the show for a few hours on friday afternoon.  We were both overwhelmed with the beautiful fabrics, colors, ideas and creative atmosphere.  We gladly accepted any thing people were handing out.  Later that night we went through the show catalog and marked the booths we wanted to go look at.  She had an appointment with her sales rep Saturday afternoon. We won two stacks of Kaffe 2 1/2" squares.  Love it!
One gal Allison wanted to meet was Heather Bailey.
 I snapped this picture of the two.  Heather has wonderful patterns and fabrics.  Check out he giant bluebird embroidered on burlap behind them in her was very cool. Check out her website.
I spotted one of my favorite quilt designers, Jane Sassaman.  I had taken a class from her at ArtQuilt Tahoe many years back.  She is such a nice gal.
Needless to say Allison & I were worn out and buzzing with ideas all weekend.  I was very sad when she left to go home sunday afternoon. We have had to go back to our routines...but excited to get back together to play in the studio hopefully soon. We have more ideas we have time for!  Love you kiddo!

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