Friday, February 7, 2014

Fabric shopping in Nippori, Tokyo

Not all the stores were open when I shopped in Nippori on Monday…so remember that when you shop here. Sunday not opened at all. Oh and remember to bring CASH.  No credit cards in these small stores.  I jumped on the Yamamoto Line from Shibuya(head towards Shinjuku) getting off in Nippori (not Nishi-Nippori).  Go out the south exit and you will see a sign for Nippori – Fabric town.  Follow signs at bottom of stairs and marks on the sidewalk.  Remember to take the stairs next to the fire station to go back to the same gate to train.   There is a paper map in English if you find one on street or in a store.  They are promoting the stores and give a good description of what each store has on the back side of map.  Some of my favorite stores are: Mihama cloth on the corner(43 on map)  He has prepackaged goods.  Some traditional Japanese designs and some children prints I love.  Also he sales Echino prints for 6.30 a yard.  This stuff in the states is expensive…so I look through the and see if I see something I can’t get at home.  Each visit is a bit different.  This time I found the cutest Pink youth print and one with monsters.  He has 1 meter packs and 2 meter packs.  Just fun and easy to buy.  Tomatoe is a good store but can be expensive.  Look in the sale racks.  One of my favorites is Yasuda Shouten(69) and Humongous. They are next to each other.  Yasuda has cottons and linens in natural colors and indigos.  So many to choose from.  Not cheap but really nice stuff.  Humongous has Indian cottons and beads that match the colors.  She is a nice gal and can speak a bit of English.  Love her colors. It is just fun to walk down the street and look at the bins outside the stores.  There are usually remnants and sale racks out there.  Again kind of close quarters in some stores.  The thing that caught my eye this trip were the leathers for 1500 yen($15.00).  Small hides but lots of colors.  Soft and thin hides(wonder what animal they are?!)  Can be put on garments or bags.  Lots of Elegance knits.  Expensive but fun.  Fabric is not necessarily cheap in Japan but when you find a piece you gotta have it is worth it.  I really try to look for the print and textures I can’t find at home.  You can find some Kimono shops and fabrics as well.  I have other spots I like to find these so I did not go in and look, but if you want one made that is the place to look.  This is a good site for pictures and video of Nippori.

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I am so jealous. Look at the smorgasbord of colors and patterns